Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Simple Trick for Staying Organized in the New Year

I've been a blogging slacker! The holidays, holiday travel, school vacation, etc, got the best of me! Here goes take 2!

If you're like me (everyone?), you're trying to be more organized in the new year. I'm a great list maker, but I never seem to have my list with me when I'm out running errands. It's either sitting on my desk or in the purse I used yesterday or in my car when I'm in the middle of the store with a full cart already. 

But I always have my iPhone. It's permanently glued to my side. So I decided to keep a running list in my iPhone's notes section. I can delete as I pick things up & add to it when I'm running low on something else. 

As for the eggs, I can delete that line--I bought them this morning. The extra virgin olive oil & honey will require a trip to Whole Foods, and Preston will only wear Hanes black ankle socks from Target. 

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