Thursday, September 12, 2013

Styling a Bedside Desk

Meredith Vanity Desk from Pottery Barn
 Our last house was a tiny Cape Cod style house.  It was our first "real" house after having lived in an apartment for years, so when we moved in, we bought our first "real" bedroom furniture, too.  We only had room for our queen size bed, a dresser, and one nightstand in our master bedroom.  

 Three years later, we moved into the house we have now, and it's nearly triple the size of our Cape.  Our bedroom is huge in comparison, but when we moved in, we didn't have it in our budget to change our bedroom furniture, even though we could fit a king size bed and another nightstand. 
Clermont Desk from Ballard Designs
 I purchased a small writing desk from Crate & Barrel that was in our sitting room area of the bedroom.  I just recently moved it to the side of our bed to act as a second nightstand.  It really fits in that space, and I like having a bedside table to charge my phone & hold my Kindle.
Bramwell Writing Desk from Pottery Barn
 The desk looks great next to our bed, but it's a blank canvas.  I've been trying to get some ideas on how to style it.  I like the idea of a table lamp, but anyone who knows me well knows I hate lamp shades.  Maybe an all metal task lamp?  I think I can pull the accessories together from pieces I have around the house and add a few things from Home Goods.  To be continued...
Warren Desk from Pottery Barn

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